At One Seven Five Matcha Tea Company we are committed to delivering premium and rare Japanese green tea from the source where tea has been grown for over 1,000 years. You as a tea connoisseur will appreciate the delicate taste of our teas and the unique natural flavors of our matcha green tea’s. All of our tea comes from a small tea farm located in Kyoto, Japan. Just outside of the Wazuka Valley, Uji. All matcha green tea powder is processed by hand in accordance to the traditional Uji method of producing green tea powder.

For centuries, people have been growing and selling tea just about everywhere. So what makes our tea better? Unlike other tea distributors, we work closely with the tea farms not only supporting them through direct sales but also cutting out the middle man. This allows us to capture the most highly prized tea varieties and bring them to you at an affordable cost. All of our teas are of the most highest quality, you will not find any other tea like ours around (unless of course you visit our tea farm). We want to deliver the highest quality of tea to our customers, but we also want to make consuming premium and rare Japanese green tea at an affordable price.  



I would like to welcome you to 175 (One Seven Five) Matcha Tea Company. I hope we can meet all of your matcha tea needs. If there is anything we can do for you in making your matcha tea experience much more better, please send us an email. I Love Tea, I have for as long as I could remember. It is from my passion for tea that I decided to seek out to share my passion with everyone else. Now, I have always been a black tea drinker, Matcha tea has changed that. Not only is it good for you, but also it relaxes me after a long day at the office. I invite you to come with us and experience the matcha tea we have to offer. You will find no other pure ceremonial grade matcha green tea powder like ours. Hand crafted, you can taste the care and attention to every detail with every sip. Thank you for your business!



All of our tea is grown and imported from Kyoto, Japan. Our mission is to share with you high quality tea, and there is no better place to get tea from than the source. Not only is our tea grown and imported from Japan, it is also hand processed at a local tea farm in Kyoto. We will never import tea from anywhere else and our tea can only be bought from our online store.


Hand crafted in Japan. Our matcha bowls are one of a kind. Unlike the ones you can find on Amazon or eBay, ours are direct imports from a Japanese pottery shop. No two matcha bowls are alike.. You get to pick the one or two that suits your personality. After all, the matcha bowl is a very personal component of the Japanese tea ceremony. 


Because all of our tea is prepared at the tea farm by hand we take our tea and the offering of tea very seriously.There is a lot of history in the Japanese tea that we offer, we do not want to take it for granted. We celebrate tea and because our tea is produced using ancient traditional methods, our matcha is the PERFECT companion to any tea ceremony.