Drinking Matcha to Boost Your Health

Matcha green tea has been consumed for over a thousand years, only until recently have we taken a closer look at it to discover some of the health benefits from consuming matcha tea. Japanese matcha comes from the┬áCamellia sinensis┬átea plant, the same tea plant that a lot of other Japanese green teas come from. The […]

What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha green tea is one of the best teas to drink with its high levels of cancer fighting antioxidants and metabolism boosting effects. Matcha comes from the same green tea tree that most of Japanese green tea comes from. What makes matcha different than any other Japanese green tea is how it is processed. Matcha […]

How To: Make the Perfect Bowl of Matcha

Making matcha green tea is relatively easy to do at home or at the office. The only thing to worry about is the temperature of the water you will be using. Boiling hot water will burn the delicate tea powder and render the tea even more bitter than it already is. So what temperature should […]